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New for 2021 Baxter County Fair

Validation for all market animals.

All market animals must be validated prior to the county fair. This applies to market steers, market goats, market hogs, and market sheep, including those in the hair/wool sheep market classes. This does NOT apply to breeding animals, including wether dam sheep and goats. Market animals that are not validated are not eligible to enter those market classes.

What is validation?

Much like the state fair and Arkansas Youth Expo, it is required that animals that intend to show in market classes are confirmed by fair officials prior to the fair. 

A validation date will be set prior to June 30th each year, prior to the fair. 

For 2021, the validation day will coincide with the Arkansas State Fair/Arkansas Youth Expo validation on June 24th from 6-9 p.m. to be held at the Baxter County fairgrounds. 

For exhibitors intending to show at Arkansas State Fair/AYE, animals will be tagged and have DNA pulled. If exhibitor only intends to show at county or district fair, a photo will be taken of the animal and the exhibitors name and entry will be recorded.

Livestock & Animals

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